BLOOM CLOUD ENGINE is a solution to a problem the industry has needed for a long time. We all have tons of 3D data that we can't easily access and share.
It is so fast and easy to use that you can upload our scan results directly from the field before we even leave the site.


BCE reads most known 3d captured data

1. Register

Register so you can manage and share your data on our Amazon S3 storage platform. We include 100GB of cloud storage to get you started and you can access it from anywhere on the web.

2. Get the app

Your point cloud files can be really big so we need to process them on your computer before we share them on the web. Contact us to recieve the BLOOM CLOUD ENGINE desktop app.

3. Add point cloud

Drag & Drop your point cloud or CAD model into BLOOM CLOUD ENGINE. A lot of file formats are supported. Big data, no problem. We have features that manage the number points and optimize the display.

4. Publish

Hit the Publish button to see how your data will look on the web. Add dimensions and link images or documents directly on the model. When everything looks great upload your article to the cloud and start sharing.

Even more great features


A powerful next gen point cloud editor and collaboration tool.

Keep it simple

Skip the polygon step. Why convert your point cloud data to polygons when you select, move, & clash like a CAD model? Add dimensions, images, & documents to your point cloud.

Analysis built-in

Quantitative method of measuring floor surface profiles using the ASTM E1155 Standard Test Method for Determining FF Floor Flatness and FL Floor Levelness Numbers.

Big data, no problem

We manage the number points and optimize the display. Multi-billion-point models are automatically processed for easy access and fast interaction. Move past the bubble view!



Simple pricing plans with great value.

Option 1: PUBLISH
Quickly process your point cloud data and share it on the web and mobile devices.


Annual license


Cloud sharing & collaboration


Process point cloud data from any source


Combine design data with point clouds


Add dimensioning, annotation, and markup


100GB of cloud storage included

Option 2: DESIGN
A design tool that combines as-built point cloud and 3D design data.


Annual license


All the Publish features +


Registration & Survey Control


Clash Detection & Change Management


Design Validation & Reporting


Demolition & Modeling tool set

Option 3: BUNDLE
Add bi-directional links with Autodesk design tools Revit® and AutoCAD®.


Annual license


All the Design features +


Export managed point cloud data to Revit & AutoCAD


Import Revit models with project coordinates, IFC classification, & GUID


Import and export design data with AutoCAD

More Information

For more information or to schedule a demonstration of BCE`s capabilities please contact us through the quick links and we will facilitate you as soon as possible.



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